It’s weird that I’m a hairless, talking ape with custom crystals suspended in front of my eyes so I can see, and I live with a tiny panther who just accepts me as a part of the world around him and attempts to interact with me despite the fact that he doesn’t understand my language and I don’t understand his

I have three of those panthers and also a miniature wolf, and I am connected right now to the entire rest of the world via electric telepathy.

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the pro-life movement can be summed up by the fact that one of my friends who’s pregnant was taking the bus home from downtown when all the people from the March for Life were also leaving and she asked a young girl sitting in the priority seating if she could sit down because she’s pregnant and the girl replied, “well I’m really tired, i was at the march all day.”


Are you fucking joking

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Installed earlier this month in the Bahamas, “Ocean Atlas" by Jason deCaires Taylor depicts a young Bahamian girl carrying the weight of the seas. It is the largest sculpture ever deployed underwater and is built from special concrete that promotes the growth of coral and marine life in an attempt to draw diving tourists away from more sensitive areas nearby.

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"Impressive-Looking Gothic Castle in Connecticut Can Be Yours for $45 Million

Gothic castles aren’t commonplace in America, so this impressive real-life Hogwarts in Woodstock, Connecticut, definitely stands out. ‘Chrismark Castle’ is only a decade old but with its moat and turrets, it has all the markings of a genuine medieval castle.

Chrismark Castle presents itself as a perfectly preserved medieval structure on the outside, with all sorts of modern amenities and technology concealed on the inside. It stands on a 354-acre property, encompassing 22,000 square ft. and consists of a massive lower-level garage, eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms, 12 fireplaces, a maid’s room, a library, a pool, and several massage rooms.

The star of the castle’s opulent interiors is perhaps the 1,200 square ft. circular kitchen – it has windows all around the walls, offering a 180-degree view of Lake Porter. The dining room spells grandeur as well – it has a unique ceiling design and can accommodate a huge dinner party. The master bedroom also offers gorgeous views of the grounds, and the granite-fitted master bathroom has its own whirlpool. All the doors in the castle are custom-fit and handmade, as are the hardwood floors.”

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Anyone have a spare $45 mil I can borrow?


No no no. MINE. MIIIINE. My preciousssssss

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Tatiana Maslany & Jordan Gavaris at The Nerd HQ Panel SDCC 2014

"Tatiana spends half her day pretending to be a cat."

-actual quote from Graeme Manson.


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Tumblr Loves Halloween 

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“Wow, you sure have a lot of coasters.”

“I know, right? Gotta protect your surfaces.”

“Since you brought it up, where are your tables?”

“Sold them. Needed money for the coasters.”

“Then where do you put your glasses down?”

“Don’t have any glasses. Sold them to buy more coasters.”

“So what do you use the coasters for?”

“To start conversations.”

“How do you end the conversations?”

“Haven’t gotten that far yet. Hey, check out my coasters.”

“Wow, you sure have a lot of coasters.”

[Keaton Patti is a writer and comedian living in New York City. You may remember him from the previous sentence.]

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Friendly reminder that anyone born between 1985-1998 didn’t get their hogwarts letter because Voldemort’s ministry wiped out the record of muggleborns




Hdhshshxgui nooooo


The wizarding world calls it ‘the lost generation’ - thirteen years of children whose magic was never nurtured.

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every night

Every. Fucking. N ight.



every night

Every. Fucking. N ight.

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